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            The University follows peculiar phenomenons in a library where characters come out of books and interact with people on campus in an attempt to change their story.


            Debby Bryant (19) a cheerful, passionate student is questioning the meaning of her life after accomplishing her life's goal of graduating as valedictorian. Determined to create an exciting future, Debby enrolls at a university in southeast Texas, leaving her military father in Germany. Her expectations of enjoying American campus social life is dashed in a mysterious library where she is confronted by characters who have emerged from old books. Debby partners with a psychology major, a volatile student journalist, and a superstitious member of the university's security team in order to investigate the strange occurrences. This varied group of students and staff find themselves a most haphazard team, yet they work together to keep the characters a secret as they continue to investigate the facts. Protecting the other students and professors becomes another primary goal of the team after a desperate character purposely endangers the lives of others in order to accomplish his goals. While finding themselves drawn to these unpredictable characters, the team is caught in a web of morality as they try to help the characters return to the book from which they came. This unique, sincere drama demonstrates the choices we make, and the things we believe.

Spiritual Significance/Moral Why:

            The University is a show that juxtaposes the “carefree” life on a typical, American college campus with the disorientating crises that occur as passionate characters determined to change their future come out of old books. Throughout the adventures of the University, we will explore deep philosophical and theological questions in a way that is both engaging and comedic. The show will explore who people truly are and where their worldviews lead. Is there absolute truth? Using the dramatic situations that the team of students and staff will encounter, the writers will be able to show characters struggling through these questions. Eventually the characters will come to a point where they must choose how they will live based off what they believe is truth. The writers will be able to revisit some of these characters to show where their choices and beliefs have led.

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